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Nintendo is not going to go mobile. Not only have Nintendo said no to this proposition multiple times, and for good reason since it would devalue their brand name games to mere mobile-worthy titles, it's a cold hard fact that these games simply would not be able to provide the same sort of experience on a phone as they do on a console. Touch screen controls on a precision platforming game like Mario is a recipe for cramped hands and far too many game-overs to be entertaining, and casuals aren't going to be so invested in the games that they'll go out and buy a joystick and buttons attachment made specifically for phones. Mario and other Nintendo titles are on a higher level than simple touch games, and furthermore, phones are not where the fan-base for those games reside. Nintendo games are successful, and Nintendo remains profitable, because they are able to offer their games specifically on hardware of their own make and design. It's what they've been doing for over a hundred years now, and it's just not smart to believe that they'll change the entire structure of the way they make and sell their games due to one slump in a long history of overall profit. Take a look back at other consoles that have suffered difficulties like this. Look at the 3DS, the Wii, and the Gamecube. In the 3DS's and Wii's case, they pulled what everyone thought would be sure failures out of their nose-dives and into high sales glory because they stuck to making fantastic games despite the jeering of nay-sayers. In the Gamecube's case, even though it wasn't a huge seller, the way it was designed still allowed Nintendo to make PROFIT off of it rather than loss after loss, like the PS3 and Sony did later on down the line, and to top that off, it's still known as a system with a legendary selection of specific games that people fondly remember to this very day. You don't get that kind of staying power out of mobile titles very often, if at all. The most Nintendo will ever do as far as mobile phones goes, is to maybe offer some sort of cell-phone-like functionality in their next hand-held, maybe video chat or voice chat any time, anywhere, and allow third parties and indies a place on that platform to do their own mobile-like games. But they'll never go full mobile themselves, because it's just not their business.
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