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Default-user Eric Gipson
justonecomment said:
This was pure Wii U bashing...nothing friendly about it. No mention of how Wii U exclusives are among the highest rated or the advantages of the...
Nintendo games are NOT more expensive. They actually have a reputation for charging less. Their games Do however depreciate at a lower rate because of the quality and the Nintendo name. Certain classic NES games are worth thousands of dollars now
Default-user Eric Gipson
This is the first I'm hearing of certain Wii games not working with the Wii U... Every Single Wii game I've tried works just fine on my console. Could someone elaborate on this? These are the games that I've tried: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn TLOZ Skyward Sword Mario Kart Mario Galaxy 1&2 Metroid Prime 3 Metroid Other M Super Smash Bro The Last Story Xenoblade If its true that some games don't work on the Wii U then at the very least it can be argued that most of the best games for the console can. However, I was thinking of getting some of the classics like Mad World and No More Heroes and it would be a shame if they didn't work since my Original Wii was stolen.
Default-user Eric Gipson
Lunar15 said:
Wii U will remain the system to own through 2014, and this is basically fact. With the Order being pushed to next year, and a slew of games that...
You guys are missing the point, which is that save for Halo maybe (and Infamous to an extent) The games that we "Know" are releasing in 2014 Don't have Nintendo's track record for greatness... Point blank... There is no argument to be had there. There is a reason why we keep seeing the same franchises from Nintendo and it is because, as can be clearly identified by 3D World and Pikmin 3, they have continued to "take risks and advance the interactive entertainment industry" it was a Mario "rehash" that brought us the first 3D platformer... the first game to have the range of motion copied by damn near every major title today. These are the games that people want and these are the games that sell. For every person complaining about Nintendo using the same franchises there are 3 screaming for the next iterations... Especially when everyone else is making brand new franchises that are virtually identical to existing ones. Also as Austin Wood mentioned the majority of the games that have been announced have been Indie titles not big system sellers and every new game that looks like it might be a system seller has the potential (and is far more likely) to be another Ryse or Knack
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