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I absolutely agree, this is just beyond rediculous. Yet another male elf is a romance option again i mean are you serious? We have yet to have a single Dragon Age game (not including dlc and expansions) that does Not include a male elf love interest. Every single one has a love interest: Zeveran Fenris and now Solas and almost every single one has had at least one female elf romance: Merrill, Felicity Day as Tallis, and now Sera and don't get me wrong i love elves as much as the next guy even in this game when they have little difference with Humans since loosing their culture and basically anything that makes them an elf apart from their language and pointed ears. However what is with the hatred against Dwarves? Was anyone screaming out demanding i want a bland one dimensional Elf that is super obsessed with the fade and has as much personality of a rock! Because maybe there are a few people who were screaming for that but most people were shouting for Varric. This is just madness it truly is, were trying to give Bioware another chance and this really isn't helping. For all they talk about trying to make things right, this sure as hell isn't helping. It's like one step forward two steps back I mean realizing this i already know this game is not going to be as good as it could have been. Now for any who may criticize me and say i am bitching, i said it won't be as good as IT COULD BE. I didn't say it will be bad No, make no mistake i think this game will be amazing and one of Bioware's best games but i know doing some shit like this is immediatley going to throw it off not letting it have any chance of beating ME2's sales and records. Now at this point all they can hope for is second best trying to beat Origins and ME3's sales and records but why should anyone settle for second best? Its absurd, they knew what the fans wanted and yet they slapped them in the face fucking us over Oh and let me guess the final romance option since it was revealed it wont be an advisor or companion, let me guess its the fucking dragon that keeps getting shown helping the Inquisitor cause YEAH Romancing Dwarves? What are u fucking high?? Romancing a giant ass fucking dragon HELL YEAH
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