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Default-user Equationor
I just deleted this game and today that announce the thing I want, then they do this.
Default-user Equationor
Nidhoqueen said:
With the way this game is turning out to look minimum settings might just be max settings. Looks so bad.
Little do we know minimum settings makes it into a retro pixel game
Default-user Equationor
Formaldehyde said:
How many people still play this??
ehh a few?
Default-user Equationor
YES! Persona games are so fucking good!
Default-user Equationor
Now they can't delay it right?
Default-user Equationor
SimplySasquatch said:
If only it was BioShock and Dishonored together.
Just accept the bundle for what it is people are always waskin for more
Default-user Equationor
Well, how many have been shipped and are being used? We will see on Monday how isolated these problems are.
Default-user Equationor
I destroy everything they have. Oh you're in the poor diseased part of town? WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH GOLD HIDDEN IN POTS?
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