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Default-user Elem3ntz
PepeFishSticks said:
So many sports games recently....
^ Can't tell if serious...
Default-user Elem3ntz
I don't have a problem with cosmetic additions as microtransactions. It starts getting shady when its pay to win tho
Default-user Elem3ntz
Greatest opening song sequence..EVER! Turn arouuuuuuuund bright eyeeeees
Default-user Elem3ntz
I don't get it...what could they have possibly have left out? Seems like a cash grab to me
Default-user Elem3ntz
Sounds like the company is run similar to Valve. Glad his years at Activision didn't turn him into a zombie machine incapable of producing innovative games
Default-user Elem3ntz
xXSmokeWarriorXx said:
Who quotes a book in a game review? Are they making this for 360?
Are you stupid or retarded?
Default-user Elem3ntz
ScorpionXX2 said:
I don't see Microsoft doing this!
Too cheap. They want you to give them $10 a month to play online
Default-user Elem3ntz
Mr_PacMan said:
Skylanders really set up a whole new way for companies to make money. There are over 300 will there be that many action figures?
Think of all the Pokemon....
Default-user Elem3ntz
Cliffy B is a dbag, but he's got a point. If people keep wasting their money on these stupid microtransactions then they will keep making them. I'd rather no one buy EA's shit games and put that damn company out of business.
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