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Default-user Elandore
i am willing to give up a bloody leg to have the game right now!
Default-user Elandore
Ofc it wont effect sales anyone rockstar are just being smart, and this could be easily one of the best selling games of all time, we will see rockstar release GTA V on the 17th of September on the 360 and PS3 and after sales rocket about Christmas time maybe even into 2014 we will see the PS4 and ONE games come out along with the PC for all them modders like myself, I persnally will be buying 3 copies of this game one for the 360, PS4 (ofc am getting the ps4 am not an utter retard now!) and the PC which i am looking forward to most as PC gaming is where it is at! also i will be buying a next gen console maybe a couple of them over the next half a decade!
Default-user Elandore
Darren Ricchi said:
I won't buy it unless it's available on next gen, so for me, it's quite the opposite.
Well then Darren u are gonna have a long wait, i don't envy you there, on September 17th i will be wapping on the 360 playing gta until i can no longer stay awake!
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