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I'm playing this game for hours and hours now since it had been released. I'm having an absolutely contrary opinion to your judgement! This game is a straight forward shooter, with nice action and an atmospheric science fiction setting. The shaking camera problem you've experienced may arise from inadequate game settings in relation to your hardware. That the camera respectively your weapon focus is shattered if your'e being hit by enemy attacks is part of the combat system. The resetting of weapons on replaying a level is a common behaviour that also occurs in other games of this genre I have to admit though, that there are some drawbacks like the inadequate control setting functionality (I had to reconfigure the key bindings several times and always restart the game before it accepted my settings), the audio logs, which are of good voice quality but are only available in the location where they've been found and the sometimes obscure bonus messages. Fighting the aliens is a lot of action, but you also have to make use of cover as the enemies are hiding behind cover, too - except some aliens, which are running very fast and try to kill you with melee attacks. I like the soundtrack very much and it adds to the atmoshpere and to the action. This is not a sophisticated science fiction game like System Shock 2, it is also not a graphical firework like Crysis 2 or Crysis 3, but it is a lot of fun and the graphics do the job. The story is not very rich but is sufficient in being a background for what is happening. The weapon effects, the sounds, the music, the explosions etc. and the look of the interior are well cooked together to make this science fiction experience fast and full of action. The price is ok on my oppinion - I've already baught games that did cost double the price of Alien Rage but were only half of the fun. P.S:.: Please be kind in judging my writing style - english is not my mother language...
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