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Sorry for block of text, get some freaking comment formatting please
Default-user Dungaroo
While I agree with you in theory, some of your arguments are a bit flawed, particularly when you say that a movie or book is the same every time while a game is different and also when you insinuate that everyone's experience when watching a movie is the same. People interpret or take away different things from books and movies. Just because every word is the same doesn't mean everyone interprets it the same way. And just because you missed two people your first play through doesn't mean they weren't already coded to be there to begin with. It just means you missed them, like if you missed over a detail while watching a movie. Nothing changes in BioShock as a result of your actions or the pace you play. You may see different things, but ultimately it is the same game regardless of your decisions. Your still ultimately led down the same patch regardless of how you play. Just like you are led to the same ending of a book regardless of how fast or slow you read.
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