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Kelpie said:
Why not Pokemon XY :(?
Cause it's already free with a new 3DS purchase
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So much about this and it's not even out.
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PepeFishSticks said:
It leaves room for them to announce it on their own later on.
Yeah! I bet it will be ported.
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I hope their sources are right! THIS WOULD BE RAD.
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Wow some people are honestly just amazing at stuff like this.
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I never finished this game :(
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Price is coming? A high price for a skin they mean...
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BeefPatrol said:
If I knew my math I would try to see if you are right but I'm terrible, sorry. I think 10 mill sounds a bit low considering how many consoles have...
How many in total have been purchased both PS3 and PS4?
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Holy crap Thief is already coming out?! I didn't know it was so soon! I have to go make time to play this. I hope it's good.
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