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Rob Hestar said:
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts? I know South Africa got it this month,But in the US it never came out here,or did I miss something? But yeah, PS+ is...
Yeah Nuts & Bolts is a good game, a shame they didn't release it in the US.
Default-user dsfsdf1223
David Birney said:
See I get the explanation from Microsoft on giving classic games back but for me I run into two things. A. If I had wanted to play those games, I...
Agree completely!
Default-user dsfsdf1223
Microsoft started the GWG program soon after their next gen anouncement in order to show that they can compete with Sony in every way. Therefore people shouldn't say that PS Plus and GWG shouldn't be compared, because GWG was put into place for comparison. Also, GWG runs only until December 31st which reinforces the idea that GWG is meant ONLY to turn those interested in free games towards Xbox One when it comes out. Also, now that we've seen that they should be compared, the question is: which is better, paying to get good classic games or paying to get good new games? The answer is obviously new games. The reason is that people look to play graphically good games and always want value for their money; they could get classic games worth ~$5 or relatively new ~$20 games. Long story short, GWG fails to deliver. PS Plus > GWG and as a guy interested in "free" games, I"m going with the PS4.
Default-user dsfsdf1223
"They've probably got a huge collection of games already anyway," he defended. "They may have traded their old games in by now, so it's a great way to kind of offering them their classic games back." Probably the worst comeback they could've given to criticism.
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