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Arena has been omitted from my personal Persona shipping.
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The Kinect should have been open to a broader audience from the very beginning.
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Hoyl shit lol that's so funny. Luigi is gonna kill people!
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InfinityBlade said:
Again, this is one of those features that should have been on the console in November.
They are doing their "best"
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TryHard said:
So like, even the devs can be snarky about the last Mass Effect?
Yeah we want to say EA ruined it. Not the team working on it. But they made the story go that way not EA.
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Kombat said:
This already came to the PS4. Xbox One late as usual.
Look they've been dropping the ball all along
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ShadedJaded said:
This looked awesome!
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I'm glad they specified that it's a work in progress cause some of it doesn't look that good.
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You'd think that bundles would help you save money but not these bundles.
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