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Default-user Don1111Juan
"you guyz yous guyz i has great idea let's add controller-powered headset support like xbox has had for evar and a touchscreen beecuz touchscrnz ftw yay!" - A Product Developer at Sony
Default-user Don1111Juan
Toober17 said:
I hope they don't go the Microsoft route...STAY AWAY FROM THE MOVE! No more gimmicky motion-based games!!! PLEEEEASE
so true. wii sports was perfectly designed for what and when it was, and nothing that's followed it as a motion title has made much sense -- even the Kinect has mostly been a parade of "replace this easy button-press with some arm-flapping bullshit!" hell, even nintendo jumped the shark a bit with all their peripherals. if your motion-sensitive controller is intended to elevate FPSes, don't make it borderline-unusable without a gun-shaped add-on, ya vultures.
Default-user Don1111Juan
CatsInTheWind said:
2 Week countdown till the Harlem Shake has invaded everything.
better back-date that comment a week... I think it's already happening >.<
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