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I agree that we don't need new consoles for at least a couple of years. One of the big reasons why people upgrade is because of the graphics. I can't imagine the graphics getting much better than they already are. If the graphics do get better, then it will just make more games look like Halo 4, Uncharted & The Last of Us. The game industry is really hurting so I think they need to figure out what to do to help it before they bring out new consoles. 3DS, Vita & Wii U have all failed to match their predecessors so what they are doing now isn't working. The new consoles should be cheaper than the current ones were at launch. I wouldn't mind seeing games go down to $50 and not allowing used games to be played. Xbox needs to quit pushing Kinect and apps and start making games again. Every year it is either another Gears or Halo. PlayStation needs to promote their stuff a lot better. They have so many exclusives, but they rarely put any effort into promoting them.
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