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Default-user Doctoro
Meemah said:
Ehhhhhh but what if Doom 4 sucks. That's not really incentive to preorder IMO
I feel like you should be more worried about Wolfenstein sucking if you're preordering it.
Default-user Doctoro
Naga King said:
Doom doom doom doom! YES!
I look forward to Doom more than Wolfenstein.
Default-user Doctoro
NEET said:
I want to hear more about it. I don't want to have an opinion either way until I know more.
Wish more people did that.
Default-user Doctoro
TwinkleTwinky said:
Best way to celebrate v-day is with some blood.
Not your blood tho
Default-user Doctoro
Can't spell Slaughter without laughter! I'm glad I have something else to do than this.
Default-user Doctoro
No one plays this anymore! It's all about BF4
Default-user Doctoro
Ye Olde Dude said:
With all the account break ins they definitely had to step up their game.
Yeah by adding an email verification? Please that's not enough. Do it like MS send a code to my phone via text.
Default-user Doctoro
Does this mean the game will suck? Cause they did this for Batman Origins and that game kinda blew.
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