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Default-user Dirkster
Even when I had a PS3 this wouldn't have mattered to me since I didn't own a Vita or PSP at the time and most likely never will so it is a non-issue. I will bet it is a non-issue for a lot of people and NOT that important either.
Default-user Dirkster
I agree with the sentiments expressed in this article. While I think Sony has so far won the marketing battle -- the war with Microsoft is far from over. In 6 months or a year while I expect I will still be playing games there might be the occasional watching of a movie or conveniently changing the channel using that shiny new X-Box One that MIGHT suck me in to other areas so that in the future I don't think of just playing games when I boot that console up -- I might be thinking of watching movies, playing music or surfing the web. If you can do this in your own home with the same convenience of a smart phone then I think Microsoft will have a winner. You don't even have to push a button just wave your hand. Then there is the whole dedicated data centers for the X-Box One. How silky smooth will your multiplayer game run and how many resources will that 50% greater processing power need to use and take away from those wonderful PS4 graphics to emulate such a connection? All of these things are unknown so while it appears both Sony and Microsoft have strategies for the hearts and minds of gamers only time will tell which strategy will work better.
Default-user Dirkster
People want to feel good about that pre-order of and with a 4-to-1 ratio of PS4 to X-Box One more people have bought Sony's baby. Well, who wants to feel about there purchase? I think some people feel insecure about there purchase and I think part of it is saying: "Hey, I bought a PS4 and it was worth it over the evil overlord box!"
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