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Default-user Diotrigger
InfinityBlade said:
Again, this is one of those features that should have been on the console in November.
Cant have everything man. They are doing their best.
Default-user Diotrigger
I feel like all this fine tweaking is stupid. It shouldn't have released incomplete. I understand Sony's maintenance but this is like bigger changes.
Default-user Diotrigger
Hope this doesnt get delayed it need the improvements.
Default-user Diotrigger
ShadedJaded said:
Dude if it's Banjo Kazooie from the N64....I think I would pee myself.
I plugged my N64 in just to play Banjo Tooie! What good games, man.
Default-user Diotrigger
Media Molecule puts really good music in games. The music in Little Big was reeeeaaaaally good too.
Default-user Diotrigger
Wow. The Xbox One is coming out tonight and they still think that??
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