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Default-user Derrick Helaire
commented on Peter Pan chooses Xbox One in reply to caribeener
caribeener said:
He hasn't really seen the PS4 (he says so) so he only says the Xbox One out of ignorance.
Hate to break this to you dude but usually when people show a lot of interest in one thing they tend to show very little interest in the other. Pretty common actually.
Default-user Derrick Helaire
Cool. It will work like on mass effect 3 multiplayer. You have the option to pay for the packages or play for them.
Default-user Derrick Helaire
Very tasteless comments by Sony. They were surprised by Microsoft's approach? The patent they filed for DRM on the PlayStation suggest otherwise.
Default-user Derrick Helaire
Or you can look at it like this Ps4 bundles were selling at a total of 2500 units per minute while the Xbox's one sku was selling at 2500 units per minute also. That's probably why it is listed as best seller. If all of the PlayStation bundles were selling like that it would have been a complete wipeout. Remember not everyone likes the games being bundled with the ps4 and will be more reluctant to pay almost the same cost of an Xbox if they were planning on getting a PS4 anyway. That's why the cheapest version of the ps4 was number two last time I checked after a article like this is written.
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