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Default-user Denise Lee
Debbie Eskew said:
This is not a case of extreme fandom. There are thousands or people that feel exactly the same way Bliss is feeling including me. Yoville is not...
Bliss is young and I think at the time of the video she was a little taken back by the news like she said and I have said before and maybe for others as well. Who still go out and able to live their lives, not constricted physically. Come home toss our bags down get on and unwind.This is a like a meditation and a way to express ourselves through our art on yoville. To me she seems more like she is trying not to cry and grasping out for words.Zynga has put a bad vibe over the game and I feel for many they have become our enemy I mean honestly what other game on FB has had the relationship as long as we have with Zynga?. So on that note, I can see it natural for her to imagine or exaggerate Zynga is murdering her family! In the past few years we have united against them. Because for whatever each person's reason is for loving the game we all stayed focused how much we loved the game. And of course, some walked, some quit buying and some tried to ignore Zynga's involvement all together as much as they have ignored us.Yeah, they have their terms of service blah blah, but that's their escape goat they know no ones going to read it all the way through. (Well, most won't) But how was their service, really?
Default-user Denise Lee
It's not just about the emotional ties and how we interacted with the game, it's also about Zynga’s business ethics; customer service and blatant lies to their consumers. They had announced several times to the players that they will not be closing down the game so consumers trusted their word and proceeded in buying. You can type in Zynga and find all sorts of article to back what I say up that "Zynga is a dirty company” Look at Forbes for one example. Yoville can be a profitable game just like many others could have been. But Zynga continues to screw them up!
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