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Default-user deepsstar
Cosybear said:
You can heave controlled dogs by youreself and they follow you, you can heave suit with helmet or detailed screen helmet. No wonders they are...
You have commented around 15 times in this forum - and every time no one even understands what the heck you are talking about. To put it simply, please stop.
Default-user deepsstar
Cosybear said:
Bt 4 fans are hating cod couse is not cool for children? No, it's single player is better, multiplayer is pasted better and more detailed realism...
Have you even played Battlefield 4? Or are you one of those 11 year olds who are stuck in their 'Call of Duty world' and are offended when anyone makes a negative comment about it. Also, using proper punctuation and not writing in one big paragraph would help get your point across better, even though it makes no sense in the first place.
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