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Default-user Decoy Cat
Ghost by Proxy said:
This is an awesome list. I hope it gets the sub option
Dude you and like 2108397213810294189 other people!
Default-user Decoy Cat
BeefPatrol said:
So instead of working for the cars people can buy them? I bet this will be fucking popular. No sarcasm in that. They'll bank on this.
If I really, really want a car and know I won't be able to play that often I'll totally be using this.
Default-user Decoy Cat
I've never played it good? Anyone have info on that?
Default-user Decoy Cat
They should have priced it at 30 the ENTIRE time!
Default-user Decoy Cat
Langston said:
This game will either be extremely mindnumbingly boring or addicting,
what's coming after the comma...I need to know.
Default-user Decoy Cat
I don't think this game will sell as well as they want it to. Just my opinion though.
Default-user Decoy Cat
loljk said:
Dude Sony is so awesome, their PS+ games are so good.
@White meaning you aren't satisfied with getting free games?
Default-user Decoy Cat
It's kinda cool that they announced this game after they had so much work done on it. I like seeing screens. Unlike Dragon Age 3 that goes mum for a couple of months then releases a quarter of an image or some shit.
Default-user Decoy Cat
Nice! Who is MS giving Xbones to?
Default-user Decoy Cat
That's how I used to fix my tube tv when it broke. Seems like that method comes in handy. Get it? HANDY.
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