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Default-user Dec67
Bombalomba said:
Then it will outsell the PS4?
Dude no. Well maybe. How many markets have the PS4?
Default-user Dec67
I actually would prefer that they detail what they are doing. I mean, it's my console...I want to know what they are doing.
Default-user Dec67
The Playroom is actually a lot of fun...I don't know if I'm the only one that thinks that.
Default-user Dec67
Ragdoll said:
aint no one got time for this
Had you added the period after Call of Duty you wouldn't have needed to come back and comment it. Also, capitalize.
Default-user Dec67
BaconRenewal said:
2$ a map ($8 worth), $2 more for the gun ($10) and $5 for the 1/4 of a narrative. Worth it or not?
Depends, do you play a lot?
Default-user Dec67
I hope this game is as good as it looks.
Default-user Dec67
Gadeemaaa said:
My god if she dies in the end this series will have me flipping tables.
Good ending if you like tears and pain.
Default-user Dec67
DivineDee said:
Watch, he says this now but in reality there will be loading times and a long ass delay.
A delay because they want to bring it to the Steam Machine even though the game is complete.
Default-user Dec67
Totally getting Oddworld! PS+ is so good compared to the Xbox free games thing
Default-user Dec67
Daggy Waggy said:
LoL is the NFL for nerds...
Or for the people who can't play football
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