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Default-user Deathshand
does it does? you guys need to slow down and check these articles before putting out both you and IGN. Im not picking on you saying your doing a bad job its a good article but pretty noticeable errors setting a bad example.
Default-user Deathshand
find a stinky pickle I meant to say and oh well since its the only message on here don't complain about that jus talk about the game.
Default-user Deathshand
Fitting how the only comment left had nothing to do with the game. I bought deadpool knowing exactly what to expect mostly because I was a fan and wanted to enjoy something lil kids should not be experiencing. The humor works great and the graphics are better than what I expected since you have to either sacrifice graphics or gameplay still to get which ever type of game you are going for. You can go for a final fantasy which looks great but actual action is minimal so yeah its still one or the other and its not a movie so decent graphics are ok as long as I enjoy the game. Well just saying hopefully with new xbox hopefully We'll get the full on deadpool experience because this could be an amazing game if you really were able to use deadpool. It would be the really great wolverine game that has not been made yet but even better with the limitless potential. So don't let your kids play this game because responsible adults like me would love to see what they could do with this character in the gaming future. If ya do Im sure you'll a stinky pickle in your mailbox.
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