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Btw, Im playing beta and im 100% sure they have not announced an official date for phase 4. They will soon, the latest it could be is the 9th of august, so hold on tight. It's happening soon !! ^^
Default-user Deathbyfuture
F2P How fucking selfish .... Everyone who hops MMOS and like them for 2-3 months can kiss my ass. I want a game I can stick with for a few years, not months. F2P means less content , and lots of delays ect. Anyways Mr. P already explained in great detail why ARR is not going to be F2P, and why some mmos switch their models . In one word its INVESTORS. So seriously people, if your a hardcore gamer, you Don't do F2P. You want the most content possible each year right ? Monthly subscriptions promise that. So stop thinking about how all games are supposed to be free to play, The digital download is only 30 bucks and i bet the 1st month is free. Stop worrying about 13 bucks a month, when your out buying 50 dollar games you play for about 2-3 weeks each .....You can always cancel your subscription for a while, then go back to game. They don't delete your character, they hold onto it. ugh, f*^&$ MMO hoppers ....You have plenty of choices in MMOs right now, But I dont!!!! So go back to bouncing around, Im here to stay!!!
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