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It certainly is the BUGGIEST MMOG yet. They also refuse to do a wipe to fix everything because of the cash shop. Look at this: - Exploits that allow you to level to 60 in hours. ONE of them STILL WORKS as of today (5/17). - Exploits that allowed the Guardian Fighter to one shot any mob in the game, allowing them to flood the market with epics and outfit their guilds. Screwing over progression. Moreover GF's were allowed to exploit for 16 days before they patched it. - PvP is nothing but AFK groups going into a match to duke it out. I tried to get 3 games in, all 3 were terrible. In two we went up against an all AFK team. In one game I was the only one that actually played because my team and all of our opponents were AFK. - I could go on and on, but you should really do some research before saying something is off to a promising start while it sinks and burns.
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