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YoVille is an idea that began with the thought of people building and creating a village for social interacting through creating, decorating rooms and house for different themes from around the world......Yovillians are as loyal as the loving pet member dog, "Zynga" was to Marc Pinkus and his family........The company Zynga has not kept that spirit or honored the memory of Zynga (family pet member).....instead, this company has brought the company to a state of not being able to run their business in a profitable manner. YoVille is a most unique game and is one of the true jewels of the virtual internet gaming world and if managed in the manner that its top villagers play, then YoVille would once again make millions.......hopefully Big Viking Games can find the solution of purchase and the company Zynga has the good business sense to sell......what ever happens, Zynga the company has taught the virtual gaming players a lesson that some will never forget......its sad that this company showed the absence of valor and loyalty that the family member pet showed his family when he was in the home on earth.....thank you for staying on top of this world wide story....
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