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Default-user David Samandjosh Fowler
DorisDooley44 said:
my co-worker's aunt makes $87 every hour on the internet. She has been unemployed for eight months but last month her income was $19804 just...
stop spamming this site you will be banned
Default-user David Samandjosh Fowler
stock exchange go to L missions and you will be told what company will proffit put all your money on that company after mission start makeing millions, i made over 100m from stock exchange now
Default-user David Samandjosh Fowler
sounds like a great idea from gta, i think if they keep the modders away ill be happy to pay a few pennies to help keep gta online, as of gta 4 i will no longer play due to people who have modded and think its acceptable to do so, hot swapping is breaking xbox rules even if rockstar allow it, microsoft will still ban you
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