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I feel people are being way too hard on the Kinect. I understand most people think forking out an extra 100 dollars for a piece of equipment no one has been blown away by yet seems steep but lets put the gaming side of kinect aside for a moment (which if you ask me with time will become pretty damn awesome, once you start communicating with characters in the game, etc...) Kinect is still part of the xbox experience and what Microsoft are doing there is important to the future of the world. Soon enough more and more things will be voice and motion controlled and for that I think MS deserve credit. Lets also put the privacy issue aside for a moment, if MS had matched Sony's price with the Kinect included this would drastically increase their sales as it seems most people are avoiding the xbox one because they dont want to pay extra for something they don't even think they'll use. Sony will win the first round of sales but once the Xbox price drops there's no reason why they won't catch up console sales wise. I'm Sony's little bitch, I make no attempt to hide that. Every time they ram their juicy cock down my throat I guzzle it down like a hungry Ethiopian. I love their exclusives, their indie support and most importantly their care for the gamers and wanting to bring the best possible experience to the consumers whilst putting maximizing profits secondary however I have to respect MS for trying new things with their console even if most of it failed and they handled the PR catastrophically. I'd rather take Sony's slightly smaller phallus in all my orifices than being slapped in the face by Microsoft's lies and rancid STD infested porno dong. ...OK, I think I've done enough damage to my own self esteem for one day.
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