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Default-user DarthDiggler
LOL so adding Skype to a console is a revolution? I think I have heard less bias on the back of the XBONE box.
Default-user DarthDiggler
DarkSiders 1 was a good game, not stellar, DarkSiders 2 was major let down. Was expecting 4 player coop not some puzzle game.
Default-user DarthDiggler
I kind of have to disagree, while I thought that DarkSiders 1 was a great game I just couldn't get into DarkSiders 2. The entire loot system seemed very superfluous and just an excuse to get some Dragon Dogma loot sharing going on. The areas you would walk around in would be devoid of life and monsters. Lots of puzzles and not enough combat. When you got to a boss fight it would sometimes be after a long lull or a few puzzles making the boss fight that much harder because you hadn't been in combat for 30+ minutes. It seemed to me all the changes they made turned DarkSiders 2 into something that DarkSiders 1 never attempted to be. Also it didn't help that they really muddled the story for the 4 horsemen. They would had likely done better sticking with 1 form of lore. The biggest let down in DarkSiders 1 was the slow pacing and the miss opportunity on the first level when the Apocalypse starts (just never felt all that epic). If you got through the first 30-45 minutes of DarkSiders 1 it was a great game. I got through a few hours of DarkSiders 2 and just got bored and not caring about the story one bit. Had DarkSiders 2 been 4 player co-op like the end of DarkSiders 1 kind of implied, I doubt if Vigil would had had a hard time finding a suitor. As it stands it's another game company with lots a great ideas and lots of poor execution.
Default-user DarthDiggler
Alex, Did you write this just to troll N4G or are your mental faculties really this poor that you feel that this kind of analysis was worth publishing?

So the game industry is evolving so fast that Digital Media is making Disc's obsolete? Have you lived in a non-ubran area with sub 2MBps download speeds? If what you say is correct than why do all of the next systems still rely on a disc format?

One point of note you didn't mention about the Xbox.

Largely it's success is in the USA. In Japan the Xbox 360 is a complete an utter failure. Hardly selling more units than it's big bean controller father. In Europe it's a pretty tight race, but PS3 clearly holds the lead in most counties with installed units.

To put your assumptions in perspective, the PSP has sold more units than the Xbox 360.

And you are yet another brilliant writer crying about exclusives. Saying they are not going to make it to the next generation. Do you think Sony is going to shutter all of it's talent? They have been making acquisitions and have been merging studios this generation. Would they be making these moves if it wasn't profitable to have exclusive content on your system you can't get anywhere else?

Look at the quality of these experiences, it would be a disservice to gamers if exclusive games went the way of the Do-Do bird.

What will be gone next generation is MS's ability to PAY for exclusives. With developers shutting their doors this gen the way they have, they are going to have to be offered ALOT of money to shield them from any risks an exclusive game from a multiplatform studio would receive (time spent making a game for 1 system could have been spent making games for various systems which helps augment your risk).

At least Sony has brought these people into their fold and provided them with a fertile ground to be creative.

Unless you are Bungie or Peter Molyneux, MS could really care less about you, they just want your IPs (remember RARE?).

"While I'm not saying that the PlayStation brand will die out in the immediate future - we're sure to see "the big three" endure at least another generation - I am saying that between Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, the PlayStation brand is the one most likely in danger of fading from existence. Of course this is all just speculation and opinion, so be sure to tell us what you think in the comments below."

Well funny that is kind of what you have been alluding to this whole article, nice way to front load this writing with controversy for your N4G audience.

Let me know when you wake up from your Microsoft sponsored dream and have had a moment to pull your head out of your butt so you can talk intelligently on this subject matter.
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