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I'd also like to note that Max walking off into the sunset, supposedly having freed himself from his demons, was an uplifting and arguably suitable ending. However, the protagonist's several attempts to play piano throughout the game - improving with each effort - were far more fulfilling and cathartic. "There´╗┐ it was, the soundtrack to my life. And for a few seconds came harmony. Finally."
Default-user Dal360
Great article. Max Payne 3 was a highly enjoyable title that I had anticipated for years. The gameplay mechanics, well-executed hard-boiled language and impressive attention to detail made for a fun, cinematic, and occasionally thought-provoking shooter about grief and redemption - which is no small feat for a video game. The fact that it was released at all as opposed to disappearing as vaporware is a small miracle in itself. Unfortunately, Max Payne 3's story left much to be desired. What began as a probing psychological profile of a man racked by loss and self-loathing descended into some ridiculous, inconsistent plot about organ trading in Sao Paolo. There were so many loose ends that could and should have been addressed, particularly regarding Mona Sax and the aftermath of Max killing both Vlad and his partner, Winterson - it's a shame so much potential was discarded in what is likely the series' final entry.
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