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Default-user Curiously
love love love Shadowfall. Played it at my friends house and I sucked but I still wanted to play.
Default-user Curiously
Uh this is awesome. I loved Scarecrow the most!
Default-user Curiously
Yeah you forgot about the Halo show. If that's the announcement then I'm going to be so fucking upset.
Default-user Curiously
Yeah that's so people can buy Vel'Koz without feeling bad!
Default-user Curiously
I guess these count as tips or as common sense.
Default-user Curiously
Gadeemaaa said:
Woops didnt think my first comment went through! OH WELL.
Well, I like both of your comments - so there.
Default-user Curiously
esrb said:
Finally written in a way I understand.
Is it sad that I actually understand this?
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