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Default-user Cthuluxx
A PS4 upgrade plan would be great. A $10-$20 upgrade would be even better.
Default-user Cthuluxx
Nink said:
Why hasn't the Wii U got any DLC since Black Ops 2? I don't have a Wii U but this seems extremely unfair.
The Wii U probably doesn't have a big enough player base to warrant the DLC. That said, yeah it's unfair.
Default-user Cthuluxx
Hypnotic Perspective said:
:( won't process the buying so it must be gone
lol ....annnd it's gone.
Default-user Cthuluxx
I feel like that title is kind of dirty...or maybe my minds in the gutter? Anyway getting this as soon as PSN updates
Default-user Cthuluxx
Heh Troy Baker is a great all-around voice actor
Default-user Cthuluxx
International sports? What something more than the nfl exists? no way.
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