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Default-user Crew
Im not sure if I want to play this yet or not. At all.
Default-user Crew
So done with this game. loved it and got kinda bored with online I want more story stuff
Default-user Crew
Wow. I was so excited for this. What BS.
Default-user Crew
Nerdasaurus said:
E3 E3 E3
Oh hell yeah E3 announcement is coming!
Default-user Crew
I cannot wait. DLed the game and am ready!
Default-user Crew
gatcat said:
Idk why a game so focused on being a scumbag cheater gets rid of scumbag cheaters.
Cause online it wouldnt be fair dude. I dont care about cheating on solo play but dont do that in multiplayer
Default-user Crew
Gonna make so many jobs cnt wait
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