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Default-user cpudude
Treef said:
These are kinda expensive, just sayin'.
well if you compare it to league, which it is open to, its actually a little better in terms of pricing because u get the hero plus a skin.
Default-user cpudude
Are they going to follow a pay once model like awesomenauts? or shoot for free to play?
Default-user cpudude
If any of you have not picked up Awesomenauts: Assemble! yet, I highly recommend it. I've put over 700 hours in on the PC version.
Default-user cpudude
GunGriffin said:
So many Indie games so few real big games... With all the poor financial issues Sony has too rely heavily on indie titles too keep the platform...
Here's the thing, its not an Ouya a lot of those games are ports from PC, and some of them are reeeeeeaally good!
Default-user cpudude
I can't wait for this sequel! I thought they were cutting the MOBA element out?
Default-user cpudude
The game is not going to release until at least 2015, I expect it later than that even.
Default-user cpudude
The main issue behind the WiiU and why it did not sell well was the advertising Campaign. Every console they have released up to this point had one thing in common, the word Nintendo. Ninteno ES, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube, and Nintendo Wii. Then we look at the Wii U and the advertising behind it and see the nintendo part is non existent, but instead, they were marketing off the success of the Wii. When they advertised the Wii U, they did a poor job of portraying that it was a new console. Wii2 would have been a clearer name. When regular people saw the ads, not people actively trying to get information on this stuff, all they saw was a tablet that they thought connected to their old Wii.
Default-user cpudude
Norman Reed said:
That's basically a sign for them to focus on the 3DS and cut ties with the Wii U, right?
rumor has it they have a console in the works
Default-user cpudude
They have talked about this before, WoW is not touching a FtP model anytime soon. The game was not built on that foundation and they have said they would never consider it. They are going to start doing yearly expansions.
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