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Default-user Cpt Luis
Another Zombie post-apoc game? An MMO at that? I'm done dude. So, done. The zombie genre is just so dense. We need something new.
Default-user Cpt Luis
I suck at this, I suck at the other one too. I can't fly past 1 column
Default-user Cpt Luis
Perfect for my niece it's her birthday next month!
Default-user Cpt Luis
Annnnd I like Titanfall even more now.
Default-user Cpt Luis
fraggadier said:
uh hey Sony, Teach MS how to do sales. Thanks.
lol eah right
Default-user Cpt Luis
Heh. They let a real good thing go.
Default-user Cpt Luis
My controller kept unexpectedly dying so I'm happy to see the battery lol
Default-user Cpt Luis
SimplySasquatch said:
These are the games they should make free
Microsoft would have to know what people want to do something like that, so far they just like fucking with people.
Default-user Cpt Luis
Sea Cow said:
Ok if you dont like the glare stick paper overit dipsh*ts
People are always going to find something to complain about, even if they turn off the lights on the controller.
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