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Default-user cozepro
Good. i'd rock bots then get rocked in game. Want to see better training from them.
Default-user cozepro
THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING. DO THIS IN LOL. Reported in the alst game? Let's match you with someone else that was reported. Oh AFK? here's another AFKer
Default-user cozepro
Holy shit GoT Skins for LoL? What next, a Coke skin? Pepsi? Don't give them skins just give them a trailer Riot.
Default-user cozepro
Penny said:
Ez doesn't need a nerf
Default-user cozepro
This is the shit that makes people quit League lol.
Default-user cozepro
GoldFig said:
They complain about it yet they still want to use it. I dunno, seems like they really don't care all that much
Their game is about voice commands. I think they care.
Default-user cozepro
Orap said:
Guess I'll have to spend money earlier than I thought I would.
Oh darn, hahaha
Default-user cozepro
Cleverbot said:
His ult has such an amazing name omg
Life Form Disintegration Ray. He aint playin no games.
Default-user cozepro
cozepro said:
Yeah that's kind of expensive. I'll wait this out for a couple years.
I'd think her arrow would be a heart and when it struck someone they'd have hearts all around them or something you know?
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