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Default-user Cosminolo
Chris Adamson said:
COD works flawlessly on Xbox One.. BF4 multiplayer is a disgrace.. after the GTAV you think this shit wouldnt happen. someone explain how a game...
Exactly fun paste and not stupid hacks and glitches.
Default-user Cosminolo
Sorry for "my" misspelling my phone has a correction thing but didnt really needed to help me because I was saying the right words and spelling lol.
Default-user Cosminolo
Don't worry cod is still better and more popular and was realesed after bf and got by far most copters bf not even close has to recover miles away from cod just beacouse is for children or not and you haven't seen it yet dont say anything bad about it and don't be jelous you like and want to be a fanboy couse is for dudes lol, before cod ghosts mp and sp was realesed they sayd nasty things about it but when I looked after there were few bad comments about it they see bad things to cod but they don't argue to them game and cod are not that stupid they heave sense tallest cod is better now(:
Default-user Cosminolo
Cod is swiftor and has more things inside it wheach even I don't know by now all I know is that it's mp graphics is better detailed and that bf is the same thing not detailed some explosions some shaped maps not detailed explosions some animatics.
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