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Default-user Cos Sans
The lights, the reflection - all of it. It all looks so good.
Default-user Cos Sans
Flower and Hotline are totally worth it
Default-user Cos Sans
Gaoler said:
Now this is how you support a game. Learn from this EA and MS.
Kinda mean but I see your point.
Default-user Cos Sans
Duck said:
"perhaps even the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929" LOL No shit!
There's only one way for this DLC to end then...with much blood spilled.
Default-user Cos Sans
Wi Tu Lo said:
Innovation in gaming could've gone to someone else i think. I don't know if it was that innovative.
Yeah how innovative was this game? It had a different apocalypse storyline woo. The gameplay was gameplay woo. What was so damn innovative?
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