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Default-user coraphise
coraphise said:
Don, I don't know that it's fair to toss Wii U in here just yet; it did just launch recently. 3DS and Vita have been out long enough though, and I...
Curse it all I see the formatting still doesn't hold when we click submit x.x -- Hopefully a link to a properly formatted blog post won't get me in trouble ^^; --
Default-user coraphise
Don, I don't know that it's fair to toss Wii U in here just yet; it did just launch recently. 3DS and Vita have been out long enough though, and I held off on buying both; I still don't have a Vita and only recently got a 3DS because of what I felt was a great deal. Games should be cheaper too, especially if you buy them through a download service. You're not getting any packaging or instruction manuals, why are you paying the same price? Sure, servers and bandwidth factor in, but isn't it cheaper over all to distribute that way? No shipping, gas, packaging, etc. involved. I don't think we should be screwed out of buying used games though. I buy a book and later sell it, the next person shouldn't have to pay the publisher a fee to read it. That copy was already paid for once, you got your money. Same with movies, games, CDs, etc. The idea of buying/selling used is to recycle and save a money in the end. If you go that route, how do you handle rentals? The renting store pays *more* for their copy of the game or movie and then what? You take it home and have to contact the publisher to get a temporary code so you can play your rental to find out if you like it? That would be a huge turn off for me. They definitely need to do better at marketing games. But the problem I see there is: What about people like me? * I don't have cable or satellite (Netflix, Hulu, etc do just fine) * I don't shop in stores for various reasons, I love Internet shopping * I tend to run ad blockers in my browsers * I don't buy many magazines anymore What's left? For me really it's word of mouth. How do you advertise to that? As for Sacha and Justin... you argue for more processing power why exactly? This console generation is done when developers stop making games for it. Half the challenge is figuring out how to get more out of a console. Do either of you develop games on these consoles? If you don't, you have no idea whether or not you can get more out of it. Better graphics do not a better game make. I've seen beautiful games that play like complete crap while games that look like an 8 or 16 bit game had more story, better AI, or whatever. Find the balance; as in life, you can't have it all. Slim versions of products are because they figured out how to make the hardware fit in a smaller space and still work. Repackaged products are about marketing - and about getting every last ounce of something out of that product. Could you imagine if they only ever sold a 40, 60 or 80 GB PS3? Man that would suck if you constantly had to remove some part of an installed game to play another one. Especially when the games start taking more and more room, or you download whole games instead of buying discs. I know I'd love to have to redownload everything all the time... Pointless add-on gimmicks probably aren't as pointless as you think. If you played games back in the NES/Master System or SNES/Genesis days, you would have seen people flailing about as if that did something in the game. Now it does. Accessories that are used for 1 or 2 games may be pointless, but when you can make something like Kinect that gets more people buying systems, play games and (god forbid) exercising while they play games, that's not a gimmick. That's brilliant. Sacha, good point about smart phones and tablets. I can see where some business people might "need" those upgrades on a regular basis, but not the average user. I have a 1st gen Droid I still use which works just fine. Sure I want to upgrade, but I don't need to. (And probably won't for a while yet). Justin, new consoles don't always mean newer and fresher game play experiences. If they rehash the same titles for a new console, what did you gain? Probably a $450 dollar expense instead of a $60 dollar expense. I'd rather pay the $60 in that case, and even the I'm not likely going to buy it. In the end, as a gamer I've gotten wiser over the last 20 years. I'll let the rest of you buy the new systems on day one, whine when they don't work right, buy new games on day 1 and complain they weren't ready for release. Me? I'll wait a year or two before I get that same system, after they've worked out most if not all issues. I'll wait until games are priced new for $30 or less and then pick them up. I can have just as much fun 2 years later with little to none of the headaches associated with Day 1 purchases.
Default-user coraphise
Katrina Slater said:
So basically a household has to have multiple copies of the same game title if each person wants to play the game on their individual accounts? I...
Maybe she didn't NowItsOn530, but who says that's not the next direction? That would allow a game to be used on any system and tied to an account, rather than tied to a system for any account. It could go both ways, and neither are good.
Default-user coraphise
Daftboss said:
I actually think this could be a good idea in the long run, if several things happen. 1 - all new consoles do this if only the xbox 720 follows...
2 is a piss-poor reason; IF companies ALL do this, we'll get used to it and stop whining? Sorry, but IF companies ALL do this, I say the game industry can piss off. If more people had the balls to speak up and stop buying things rather than being the sheep that just pay more because that's the price, we could force prices down for a lot of things - not just games.
Default-user coraphise
Jose 2 said:
Well i'm for xbox stopping the playing of used games on the new system.i hate that gamestop does give u 18 to 24 bucks for a game u payed less then...
Not that I like Gamestop, but you have to look at it from the business side too. They can't pay you 50 for a a game you paid 60 for a week or two back and they charge 55 so it's cheaper than new but still making a profit; that's not worth their time.

Personally I agree though. :)
Default-user coraphise
coraphise said:
Why does Nintendo need to partner with wi-fi companies if the access is already free? Was it not compatible before?
Good point, that makes more sense. Thanks Matt!

(Sorry for the late reply too)
Default-user coraphise
Good move on their part. Launching a console alongside a new handheld which has seen moderate success in Japan would probably be a good way to kill their chances at a successful launch. Most systems have it hard enough as is, let them get through the PSVita launch and deal with PS4 when they can concentrate on it.
Default-user coraphise
Unrelated to the article - FIX THE FORMATTING OF COMMENTS. I didn't make a run-on comment, please don't show it that way...
Default-user coraphise
Why do we need a "lite" version of games exactly? Isn't that the point of... what's that word again... oh yeah, DEMO.

What happened to the demo exactly? Are companies just not doing this anymore? Depending on the game, you either let people start with the first couple hours worth of content (i.e., an RPG), or let them have access to the first level or two in a single-player FPS, and ONE (albeit sh*tty) map for multiplayer.

All of a sudden, people try it, like it and buy it - problem solved!

Or, how about lowering the cost of games and selling QUANTITY since most games can't seem to get the concept of QUALITY anymore? Especially when we're talking about games that offer DLC, and on day one no less.

"It costs more to make games now"

"We have to pay people to make games for us"

"We have overhead costs to run our business"

"We have equipment upkeep and upgrade to do, software licensing so we can make games"

Yes, you do. And I have a family to feed, a house to pay for and "standard" bills every month. Quit charging $60 minimum for a game, or the game industry will die. We can't all earn $300,000 a year (an arbitrary number) so we can buy every game that comes out and still pay bills.

Bottom line is figure out how to deliver a FULL game to everyone that they want to play and do it for less, not more. THEN your industry will thrive and we'll have less whining from both sides.
Default-user coraphise
coraphise said:
No clear answer?

Let's expand that theory out to more than just games. I propose that we ban selling used clothes. I mean, everyone can afford...
PS Gamezone, formatting would be nice for these kinds of posts. :)
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