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MY YOVILLE STORY My wonderful husband passed away in Sept. 2007. During that first year I was on a fast downhill slide to certain severe depression and possible sucide. Then, in Oct. 2008 I found YoVille and YoVille saved my sanity if not my life! THANK YOU YOVILLE!! About 2 1/2 years ago I became most house-bound due to worsing health problems. Again, YoVille to the rescue! There, I can hang out with firends, have a cookout, go to wild parties, go camping, hunting, fishing, go to yardsale and auctions, date, dance, so many of the things I once enjoyed doing in "real" life. In YoVille, I can have a paintball or snowball fight, take a ride on a "Love Carpet", share a "New Year Kiss", have a "Wild West Duel", get "Lassoed", get "kicked", get "Turned into a Toad", "Hula Hoop", and dance the "Salsa", "Waltz", Disco Fever", "Zombie Shufflin" or "Tribal Tango" with my grandchildren!! Over the past couple of days I have read many post and comments, even the ones saying things like "Open, walk out your front door, and get a life; it's only a game!" Yes, Yoville is ONLY A GAME, but for some of us YoVille is MORE THAN JUST A GAME; for more people than you can image it's no longer possible for us to "open, and walk out our front doors", so YoVille has become the only social life we now have due to health problems!
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