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dem beats said:
So...they could sell it for less but won't? M$
yeah, that's called a company. You ever heard of it one? They want your money. Sony are the same, they are just taking a different marketing approach. Sony's PS4 will probably be at the same price for a long time whereas now that Microsoft can break even they can drop the price rapidly.
Default-user CMxFuZioNzxD
sonofzeus said:
haha, really? 100 dollars more for a console that has 50% less raw power (maybe 48% now with it's HUGE 50mhz GPU boost). yeah, that sounds like a...
Actually if you do the maths you'll fine that the PS4 has about 40% more TFLOPS on the GPU. As far as I am aware the GPU compute units are customized by Microsoft which means that TFLOPS doesn't give a real world comparison. The Xbox one also now has the faster CPU now because they are both using the same CPU architecture but the Xbox One is running at 1.75GHz whilst the PS4 is running at 1.6GHz. Also when talking about a Console, Hardware isn't as important. A gap like that is negligible because it's about the software and whether or not the developers take advantage of what either console has to offer. At the end of the day, you should buy a console because you like the games on it or because that's the one your friends are on it. If you want raw power, buy a gaming PC, that's what I did, the games are sooooo cheap!
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