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Default-user Cmoney23
BowWoWWOW said:
Hah, 'the best damn wingman to ever don a dress.' It's SO true.
That was my favorite line in the entire rap
Default-user Cmoney23
Life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg. Race cars, lasers aeroplanes. it's a duck blur. Might solve a mystery or rewrite history DUCKTALES!
Default-user Cmoney23
DuckTales...wooohooooo...I sang that last bit of course
Default-user Cmoney23
Mr_PacMan said:
Why haven't I heard about this game??
Because Activision hasn't released any news about it. It's nothing more than a money grab using a popular series. I'm sad Robert Kirkman has let them ruin his series like this
Default-user Cmoney23
Deep Silver has great marketing, but awful games
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