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The Xbox one reveal was that, a reveal, we saw the console, the controller, the Kinect 2, and some games. People say they are for the Ps4 solely because at the reveal they were all about games, what if they just showed there games because they had nothing else to show off? With e3 right around the corner I think it would have been insane for Microsoft to show off all its gaming potential, why not get all the sissy stuff out of the way before e3, I don't doubt Microsoft will be showing more sissy stuff, but I bet the bulk of it will be hardcore gamer related. Every single one of my friends that has an xbox 360 and a ps3 say the same thing almost "I use my xbox for gaming, my ps3 for the internet and movies" so why is it soo bad to make the Xbox one have everything that people use in there consoles, the Xbox one is in the lead in my book.
Default-user Clark
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Clark said:
"Xbox one" - Phil likes playing cod, getting on fb, and watching jersy shore. Abby likes playing halo, getting on Skype, and watching natgeo. Sam...
lance if you think about Kinect 1 as a trial, to see where people used it, where they didn't like it, where they loved it, and where it was not at use, It would be insane to not have a setting to turn your Kinect 2 off during a movie, my friend had problems with his when he would go to stretch during a movie on Netflix it would fast forward, rewind, pause, just a bunch of unwanted things, all from him getting comfortable in his own home, again they would be insane not to have a setting, or a safety measure at least to stop this from happening. When I first played with a Kinect I was on Mass Effect 3, and it was getting a little annoying having to constantly use the controller to command my squad, a little bubble pops up and says I can say things like, bla bla bla, and the character would do those things, I loved that, not only could I focus on my side of combat, I could voice control my squad to be more efficient, I am really looking forward to this gaming aspect and wouldn't be surprised to see it in the campaigns a lot of big name titles. I am for the Kinect 2 integration on the Xbox one, Microsofts reveal of the Xbox one was just that, a reveal, we saw the console we saw the controller, we saw some games, we saw some new features, Im waiting for e3 to show us the gaming side of what the Kinect 2 has to offer, maybe then people will get this crazy idea that the Xbox one and its Kinect 2 are not so great and just evil.
Default-user Clark
"Xbox one" - Phil likes playing cod, getting on fb, and watching jersy shore. Abby likes playing halo, getting on Skype, and watching natgeo. Sam likes to play battlefield. (Xbox one powers on) Xbox one- hello Phil, would you like to play call of duty? Watch the new episode of jersey shore? Or log into Facebook? Phil- I'd like to play call of duty. *Xbox one loads up call of duty* Kinect two and Xbox one, working with facial recognition, and knowing the names and favorites of people. It's not as evil as you think guys.
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