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When selling 3.5 million copies is considered a failure. Not to mention in less then a month. Then clearly something is amiss in your sales figures expectations. That is great by anyone's standards and clearly shows how disconnected the Japanese gaming industry is from the rest of the world. Tomb Raider was an amazing game and clearly one of the best in the entire series history. Not to mention a candidate for game of the year. Yet it seems more then not SquareEnix has nothing good to say of it foreign developers. Which is really a slap in the face to Crystal Dramatics which doesn't deserve this. Crystal clearly created one of the best Tomb Raider experiences to date. Just to be knocked down by a greedy publisher which thinks 3.5 million copies isn't good enough lol. It doesn't help matters any when Tomb Raider and others are being used to off set Square's other failures like Final Fantasy Online. Instead of on it's own merits which is a damn shame. Not to mention FFXIII took over a year to generate these sales. The fact that Tomb Raider has done this in a little under a month is a huge accomplishment. Which has outsold both FFXIII and X-2 in north America alone. So what the hell are they complaining about. They needed Tomb Raider to do Call of Duty launch week numbers to get themselves into the green for the end of this fiscal year. Which obviously was never going to happen. Tomb Raider was just not enough to cover Square Enix's massive financial wound. In closing Crystal Dramatics would have been better off under a different publisher though as clearly SquareEnix is off it's rocker lol. If sales are the only thing SquareEnix is concerned with. Then maybe they should stick to selling games for the Japanese market!!
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