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Default-user cheezbugah999
Outstanding short campaign (veteran beaten), fun zombies (30+ rounds to easy), and worst multiplayer "up-to-date" (solo competitor platinum). The variety of guns keeps the game worthwhile, but the somewhat blunt weapon (shield) and equipments are just mind wrecking in a bad way. Killstreaks are reasonable in a way, and equipments are what makes the game O.K. but not good, and riot shields just f***ed up the game. I've seen many master leagues who go in a party and aren't even good but riot shield camp. Out of every 10 masters, only 1 deserves that title. No strategy in cheap tactics without skill. Campaign: 10/10 Multiplayer: 7/10 Zombies: 9 /10 Overall: 7.5/10
Default-user cheezbugah999
Modern Warfare but a little bit back, a different title than rather modern somewhat warfare, and linked characters set around the world. I don't mind the dates of Modern Warfare present but you play in the different part of the war.
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