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Default-user Centor
Lolita said:
When i first read the title I was like OH NO. But now I'm like OH YES
LOL same!
Default-user Centor
I mean it's basically the same game but prettier....but it includes all the DLC. I feel that the price is accurate.
Default-user Centor
If you like sidescrollers it's actually fun.
Default-user Centor
BeefPatrol said:
Bet they got a call from Nintendo.
I'd call too.
Default-user Centor
Gypse said:
Well they were kinda mean spirited
They deserved to be yelled at for that.
Default-user Centor
The vocals are what carries it!
Default-user Centor
They did this with PvZ but that was free. So if there are MT in Ryse lower the price
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