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Default-user Cats Nya
If I recall remember me sucked!
Default-user Cats Nya
I'm not a hipster, but first lemme put on my skinny jeans and big glasses. Oh any my scarf. Can we stop by a local coffee shop? Can't feed the corporate Sbux.
Default-user Cats Nya
When i get geared, I'm goin in!
Default-user Cats Nya
Fillibuster said:
That's a solid amount of time...I guess.
Well, let's see how long it takes when you skip a majority of the side stuff.
Default-user Cats Nya
With the Xone losing the Kinect who says the PS4 will keep selling?
Default-user Cats Nya
That's BS they cant call for 60fps and it not be 60fps. False advertisement.
Default-user Cats Nya
Howlshowl said:
Wow man. That sucks for Nintendo. Did they not advertise their consoles enough? I feel like the 3DS sold a ton though...
I know! I thought the 3DS and 2DS sold a lot!
Default-user Cats Nya
:/ I love my 3DS. I didn't get a Wii U, so I guess I'm part of the problem. Sad day.
Default-user Cats Nya
FatalHeart999 said:
It's coming! I know it. They'll be rereleasing the first 2 on Steam then the rest!
I know that they wouldn't do it, but honestly...That would be like them.
Default-user Cats Nya
Don Flo said:
Yeah this is a good feature IMO
Wish it was around sooner!
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