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Default-user Cats Nya
FatalHeart999 said:
It's coming! I know it. They'll be rereleasing the first 2 on Steam then the rest!
I know that they wouldn't do it, but honestly...That would be like them.
Default-user Cats Nya
Don Flo said:
Yeah this is a good feature IMO
Wish it was around sooner!
Default-user Cats Nya
I see what you did with the title.
Default-user Cats Nya
I thought there would be more to an article like this. I was wrong.
Default-user Cats Nya
Kingrat said:
Finally the PS4 is getting some games! There aren't any next-gen exclusives but I think I can deal with that.
How can you deal with it? It needs more exclusives! I feel like I should've just stuck with my PS3!
Default-user Cats Nya
I want to see more exclusives for the PS4. I feel like I got one just for it to sit there and fester.
Default-user Cats Nya
FTL gives me the biggest headache. Idk why I even keep playing it.
Default-user Cats Nya
It wasn't an error. Sony called them up said they were being bitches so EA apologized and stfu.
Default-user Cats Nya
Goblin_oid said:
Oh well. It's gonna be good on PS4 anyway
How can you know that? You have a PS4 and a copy of Destiny hidden away some where?
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