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Yoville is Our Wonderful Life.......Zynga gave us a lot of empty promises but we all held on to the hopes that they would take the time to fix the problems that have occurred the last 2 years...and were still holding on to the is so much better than virtual games that you cant make new friends....this yoville a lot of us have become familys. we don't just play in the game.... we do contests on facebook and win nice gifts that other friends donate from there own pockets....... then we go into yoville and get our prizes we won by trading..... we use to have partys and events where we could meet up and play games such as color wheel...yatzee ..even live bingo..........if you have never been in yoville you just wouldn't understand....... and the much talented people in the world.......I sure wish that zynga keeps the game and fixes the problems.. then we would start to pay again for the virtual items... or sell it to someone who would love it like there own... again........Yoville is Our Wonderful Life! thank you.
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