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I know how you feel, I played The Elder Scrolls oblivion and I really enjoyed it, I've also played other Bethesda games like Fallout 3 and F. New Vegas, and then I bought Skyrim, and I don't finish yet... Honestly I prefer much more Fallout New Vegas ... Then I bought dark souls and I liked it, more that the elders scrolls games, i love the olnline asistance, the challenge, the player control, etc. obviously it does not have the large open world that Skyrim has, but in Dark Souls you don't lose your time admiring the world, because you are very busy, fighting zombies and dificult huge bosses .... I don't worry about who has more sales ... bethesda has more advertising, and more fans around the world, dark souls only had a spiritual prequel, and it's only for ps3 ... that's why skirim sold more copies in my opinion ... is like a comparison between Justin Beaver and Anthony Kiedis or Dido .. the fact that one sold more copies,or is more famous, does not mean it's better.
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