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Default-user caribeener
It's so laggy on the Vita though. I hope Season two is less laggy than season one.
Default-user caribeener
Man the store just won't update :(
Default-user caribeener
Gaoler said:
Hmm I think maybe I need to know more about Dark Souls to find this funny.
Yeah some things went right over my head.
Default-user caribeener
Exact opposite from what other analysts were saying. Which analyst will be right?!
Default-user caribeener
Does it have the glossy finish like the XY one? That would make it awesome!
Default-user caribeener
BHologram said:
Ok, is it just me here or does someone else think that these features should already be DLed onto the PS4 by time we buy it??
Oh don't be a snob. Just DL it and be happy you got a new console.
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