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Default-user captjack5169
Jack Thompson said:
Call of Duty had EVERYHING to do with what this guy did. Finally, the massacre pigeons are coming home to roost in the board rooms of the video...
Jack its so nice to see you are still alive and trolling gamers. I love that you have wasted the better part of your life trying to keep violent video games from being produced, but here we are another year in the book and people are still getting killed in video games. I am happy in the notion that you will go to your grave not having changed anything. Humans are violent. Its in their nature. Welcome to the real world.
Default-user captjack5169
Yeah Im retarded, college graduate, network admin, make 80K + a year, and still gaming as I have done since I was 5, but yeah retarded. Jack can you please get in to left for dead so we can kill you next?
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